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Meet Your Coach 

Certified Fitness Trainer 

I'm Kierra Johnson aka Killa J, creator of Killa J Fit . I'm a former sprinter collegiate track runner who has a passion for helping others with 4 years experience as a fitness trainer plus 5 years in physical therapy. I'm here to change your life through overall nutrition knowledge & a fitness program designed to improve your health and longevity.

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My Story

I have always had a passion for health and fitness but participated in sports late in the game. It wasn't until middle school, really high school, when I found out about my hidden natural speed which helped me gain a track scholarship in college. While in both high school and college I suffered from several injuries and grew a hate and love relationship with physical therapy but I grew very determined to win & use what I have learned in my everyday life. I received my bachelor degree in kinesiology which is Exercise sports and science. Now I want to help young athletes, women and seniors who want to enhance their physical strength. 


Before the start of Killa J Fit I have started teaching boot camp classes while still working in physical therapy. I have always received positive feedback on my training style and how I genuinely treat all my clients like family, pushing them harder than they have been pushed before. Since I already worked in physical therapy for 5 years I decided to take my love for people and my passion for physical and mental health to contribute to the making of KILLA J FIT LLC. I help transform women's and athletes lives through nutrition knowledge & a fitness program of improved health and longevity. I am a Health and Wellness coach who has a passion for woman empowerment making ladies feel restored and transformed into a better confident them. Also proper guidance and technique training with athletes. I want seniors & ladies to be able to go to the gym being confident that they know how to push themselves and kill it in the gym or at home.


I'm excited and I am looking forward to helping you reach your health and fitness goals. Let's chat! 

Number : (586)788-7005

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